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When you join Learning Link, you get 4MAT. Through the 4MAT framework©, we can guarantee you full transparency and accountability, whilst allowing you to maintain your individuality and uniqueness that defines you as an Academy.

What does 4MAT do?

  • 4MAT portrays holistic performance and progression in a simple and powerful way.
  • 4MAT will assist school leaders looking for an effective accountability framework to help support their school improvement
  • 4MAT uses the data asset you already assemble to portray the holistic performance of each Academy.
  • 4MAT will support existing Diocese, Alliances, MATs and Free School networks as they consider growth. 4MAT provides a clear and transparent framework for the effective networking of schools, including teaching school alliances, academies and MATs.
  • 4MAT builds the capacity of Academies to support themselves and encourages more sharing of collective intelligence and good practice.
  • 4MAT is used to support the reconstitution of governing bodies in a new and innovative way, providing structure and process to training and to strategic governance.
  • 4MAT will tailor accountability for improvement to the Ofsted inspection framework and any audit tools used.
  • 4MAT demonstrates an awareness of need across you organisation and provides a referral mechanism for Academies to network with the best providers and to broker solutions best matched to identified need.