Thank you for visiting our website. We have come together as a Multi Academy Trust as we believe we are “Stronger Together”. At the heart of all we do are the children we serve.

The Learning Link MAT will improve the life chances of all children and create a family of outstanding academies where world class leaders place children at the heart of everything.

 The pace of change has been and will continue to be considerable and hopefully very positive in giving as much professional development and growth to all staff including those looking for new development opportunities and  experience. This includes some colleagues who are very new to the profession who need to have the very best opportunities to grow to whatever they might want to aspire to be in their next stages of professional, potentially leadership improvements.  This also includes senior leaders, Head teachers and Executive Leaders. I believe they are entitled to the best support and development we can offer and I am committed to providing it.

 This year is about development and growth and we have all to embrace a developmental and change mindset - and keep open minded about how we improve and take on new things. My vision for the LLMAT comprises of 6 aims, ambitions or aspirations. They are at the core of all we do and of our accountabilities.

 What do we want to achieve for our pupils?

1. Access – I want us to offer a rich, relevant, experiential and wholehearted approach to learning for all our pupils which they can engage with, are motivated by and that prepares them well for the next steps in their lives. I passionately believe that this must be supported by ensuring access to integrated and joined up services including social care and health and access to the richest curriculum and learning opportunities, that promote a habit of learning within a learning community.

2. Aspiration – I want us to promote aspiration across our learning community by sharing with pupils and their families and with all our colleagues opportunities to experience the best provision and settings locally, regionally, nationally and internationally and by fuelling a desire to be their best, providing social mobility and social capital. But I also strongly believe that it is our collective responsibility to focus on the trade of our schools and our MAT – the trade of teaching.

 3. Achievement – I am passionate that outcomes need to improve so that standards are at least in line with if not above national averages (2019) and are clearly on an upward trajectory so that we can be compared to the top 20% of schools nationally (2020) and internationally.We must make transition at all stages and including KS2 – 3 as effective as we possibly can. And part of that is to make more pupils ready for the next stage in their education.

What do we want to achieve for the organisation?

4. Acceleration – we need to move with pace and know exactly in what direction we are heading. I believe we need at this stage to move more quickly and in the right direction to establish better central team capacity and services. We need to accelerate improvements in  pupil outcomes.

5. Autonomy – I believe we need to be clear about what type of MAT are we - one pursuing alignment or one pursuing autonomy?

The key strategic choice for our MAT is how to deliver school improvement. Nationally, two dominant approaches have emerged which reflect opposite ends of a strategic spectrum: preserving the autonomy of individual schools; or achieving consistent teaching and pedagogy across schools. For the LLMAT standards need to improve and in order to make the necessary improvements we must make some significant changes in approaches to teaching. If we keep teaching and learning the same we can expect the same unacceptable and unpredictable outcomes. However, I am a great believer in maintaining the individual identity and characteristics of each Academy.

6. Accountability – I am driven by the belief that our corporate governance structure based upon the 4MAT must now offer comprehensive and rigorous compassionate accountability for Academy and LLMAT leaders at all levels in order to drive forward our vision. We have established a very detailed and comprehensive work plan and business schedule in order to drive 4MAT. Key to the future is our strategic plan and a key to this will be our blue print for the structure of the MAT. Creating a strategic development plan will help to ensure that robust systems and structures are underpinned by a culture of unity, consistency, and support.

I hope you agree with these six aims, aspirations, ambitions. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to know more about the Learning Link MAT.

Paul Harrison - CEO, Learning Link Multi-Academy Trust (LLMAT)